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dear friends,

Four X Five Photo Fest has made the difficult decision to take 2019 off to focus on making 2020 an even bigger success. As a nimble but passionate team, since 2016 we have organized and planned each Fest with the small amount of time we have in between work, family, and school. We can’t thank our amazing sponsors, donors, and volunteers enough for the commitment they have shown to help us bring more focus to San Antonio’s emerging photography community.

We believe taking this year off will give our team the opportunity to renew our commitment to the photo community by bringing the best experience possible. Please stay tuned for more information as we continue to work on the 2020 Four X Five Photo Fest. 

(We promise we’ll be back.)

If you would like to support Four X Five Photo Fest, please share your past experiences with a friend or fellow creative. Like us on social media, or you can support us financially where every dollar counts.


Shannon Gowen, Jillian Huskin, Scott Ball, and Josh Huskin

We’d love to hear from you!

Have an idea you would like to share for our 2020 programming? Interested in volunteering? Want to learn how you can make a big impact by becoming a Four X Five Photo Fest 2020 Sponsor? Or, just curious about what we’re up to? Email us at hello@4x5photofest.com.