4x5 Photo Fest is put together by a group of dedicated founders who each give their time and talent to make this one-of-a-kind event happen and needs everyone’s support to realize such an ambitious project.

Photo by Tom Turner

Photo by Tom Turner


Scott Ball

Scott Ball is a Photo Editor, Photojournalist, and Documentary Photographer based in San Antonio Texas.  Scott's personal work centers around the relationships humans have with religion, native wildlife, and the environment in which they live in.  Scott uses the camera as a way to mentally remove himself from extreme or difficult situations as he focuses on his observations, however subtle.

Shannon Gowen

While born in New Mexico, Shannon quickly made her way to Texas. Receiving her BFA in Art & Design from Texas State University, Shannon explored set design and worked as an art director and gallery manager in the San Antonio and Austin area. Currently, Shannon is the Media and Marketing Manager at the Southwest School of Art and continues to pursue community art projects. She enjoys working with artists to help make their vision a reality. 

Josh Huskin

Josh Huskin is an Editorial and Advertising Photographer living in San Antonio, Texas. He grew up in West Texas with a slew of siblings and later crafted his love of creative and conceptual photography, leading to his being published nationally as well as being featured on 50+ covers of regional magazines. This bearded gentleman is a proud member of the Alamo Beard Club and likes to kick back with a cold Texas beer while watching his favorite team, the San Antonio Spurs. He plays basketball every week and aspires to one day be able to dunk a basketball on a 10 foot rim. He also serves on the board as President for the Austin/San Antonio Chapter of ASMP.



In addition to the core volunteers who compose the organizational committee, additional volunteers are essential in the effective execution of the Festival’s projects and activities, in a wide range of needs and roles.


Julia Grizzard

Sidney Rodriguez

Charles Henry

Ray Whitehouse

 Molly Cox

Mary Kate Hull

Ariane Etemadi

Zach Cavender

Sam Alaniz

Rayond Ramirez

Paola Longoria

Gary Wise

Faith Jones

Vivian Abagiu

Antonia Padilla

Kimberly Hopkins

Cindy Kelleher

Jessica Giesey

Jennifer Rodriguez

Alex Arteaga

Kimberly Scott

Reginald Campbell

Joseph Garay

John Trew 

Liza Torres

Reginald Campbell

Sinjin Hilaski

Rachel Chaney

Gabriella Arevalo

Dayna De Hoyos

Shelby Givens

Barbara Martinez

Jennifer Schooley

 Nancy Pedraja

Tricia Buchhorn

 Sarah Brooke Lyons

Julian Montez