The 4x5 Photo Fest is put together by a group of dedicated founders who each give their time and talent to make this one-of-a-kind event happen and needs everyone’s support to realize such an ambitious project. In addition to the core volunteers who compose the organizational committee, additional volunteers are essential in the effective execution of the Festival’s projects and activities, in a wide range of needs and roles. Volunteering at the 4x5 Photo Fest is a great way to experience the festival, meet new people, engage in contemporary art, and play a vital role in promoting and celebrating photography.

No previous experience is necessary and all information and materials will be provided to you. Volunteers must be at least 16 years old to participate. No contribution is too small and simply a few hours of your time can make a tremendous difference to our overall success. 

Volunteer Roles:

We're looking for reliable volunteers to assist in the following areas: Promotional street team, Welcoming crew, Social media, Artist Hospitality, Photography, Filming and editing, Merchandise sales, and venue Set-up/Tear-down.


Thank you to our 2016 Volunteers!

Julia Grizzard - Sidney Rodriguez - Charles Henry - Ray Whitehouse - Molly Cox - Mary Kate Hull - Ariane Etemadi - Zach Cavender - Sam Alaniz - Vivian Abagiu - Antonia Padilla - Kimberly Hopkins - Cindy Kelleher - Jessica Giesey - Jennifer Rodriguez - Alex Arteaga - Kimberly Scott - Reginald Campbell - Sinjin Hilaski - Rachel Chaney - Gabriella Arevalo - Dayna De Hoyos - Shelby Givens - Barbara Martinez - Jennifer Schooley - Nancy Pedraja - Tricia Buchhorn - Sarah Brooke Lyons - Julian Montez - Joseph Garay - John Trew - Rayond Ramirez - Paola Longoria - Gary Wise - Liza Torres